you a shampoo for color treated hair sun

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you a shampoo for color treated hair sun


not to mention the essential oils that can be added to the hair soft. tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender, juniper, cedar, sage, thyme, and they escape the film and take care of the scalp.

and so, on vacation, your reflexes capillaries were not always good? to be certain to return with a mermaid's hair, follow the guide!

1 / it without sunscreen
even if you don't have the same feeling with a sunburn on the skin, the capillary fibers also suffers from the effects of sunlight. every morning, put a protective formula on your hair, and then réappliquez - if you are swimming. these products do not interfere with the clarification and does not plomberont your laps. think about adjusting the texture to your type of hair: a veil for the purpose, a version of the [b][url=]full lace wigs uk[/url][/b] thicker hair oil.

2 / select reflections intense for the season.
a color before going to be there during the summer, yes, but don't fall for the grades which contain copper, red or violine because they are the most fragile hues. with the sun, the sea, the swimming pool, it may soon lose steam. prefer softer reflections as walleye and yellow people. you can also take with you a shampoo for color treated hair sun. the formulations contain anti fading agents and antioxidants, which can take longer than the pigment.