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LONDON, March 8 (Xinhua) -- Historic England and the Royal Society marked International Women's Day on Wednesday by celebrating 28 groundbreaking women in science.

Despite the impact they made in their lives, few had been in the spotlight, unlike many of their male contemporaries who are often celebrated with public statues and memorials.

Historic England and the Royal Society have recorded the contributions female scientists in Britain have made to the world.

Historic England also announced Wednesday that the tomb in London of celebrated biologist Rosalind Franklin was to be listed as an official national monument.

Franklin died aged just 37, but her pioneering X-ray observation of DNA helped lay the foundation for molecular biology. It contributed in 1953 to the discovery of the helical structure by scientists Crick and Watson.

The 28 women listed each personally championed ground-breaking work in chemistry, biology, science and astronomy from past generations.

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Sport, Tourism and Heritage, Tracey Crouch, said: "The important role women have played in the field of British science is too often forgotten. This excellent project by Historic England and the Royal Society recognises the varied and notable contributions they made and will help raise awareness of these pioneering women scientists."

Debbie Mays from Historic England, said: "While many great men of science have memorials, statues, libraries, and scholarships to remember them by, in most cases we only have the buildings that silently witnessed these women's achievements to connect us to them."

"Our aim is not only to bring these incredible achievements to light to a wider audience, but demonstrate to girls today that while women have been achieving in science and engineering for centuries, their stories were simply less widely told."

Included in the list is the famous writer Beatrix Potter, astronomer Caroline Herschel who submitted papers to the Royal Society especially on her comet discoveries and has six comets named after her.

The best known in the list is Florence Nightingale, the iconic nurse of the Victorian age. She was instrumental in giving nursing a professional reputation.

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