the rs gold with Half Price for you to Defeat Abyssal Demons In Runescape Mar.11

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the rs gold with Half Price for you to Defeat Abyssal Demons In Runescape Mar.11

just to say that you've represented your country at the Olympics, it's such a rare opportunity. People buy runescape gold who may not even like basketball or watch basketball will say congratulations, or may pat you on the back or support you because you represent the United States so. . it's a really fun time, and I take it seriously. I want to represent for our country.
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A: Great team. I think it has a chance to really be one of the best ever put together. You look at the talent and the quality of the players that we have, and the experience that's a great mix. A third of the players roughly have two gold medals, another third have one, and then the last third of us, we're looking for our first. It's a great mix of experience and hunger from some of us who haven't won.

Q: Would anything short of a gold medal be acceptable to you?A: No, it wouldn't be acceptable. Our goal is gold.Q: Have you visualized winning a gold medal?A: I have, but I focus more on the day to day. That's kind of what my mindset has always been, just focus on every day, and making the most of each day.

Q: Do you see yourself on the stand with a gold medal draped around you and you hear the national anthem being played?A: I think of more of the feeling that I would feel, not necessarily like what I'm gonna look like, but. . And then standing on the gold medal stand with a win, but also playing well, and having that feeling of satisfaction and joy from accomplishing something, and doing it well with some great people.

Q: How would you describe your on court men tality?A: Extremely focused, intense . . . I'm always trying to win. I'm very hard on myself. I'm the first person that'll say, "Yeah I messed up." And then I'll try to go out and fix it. Just high energy . . . I'm usually not involved in anything slow. If something exciting or fast is going on, I want to be a part of it . . .

scoring the ball, making momentum plays on defense or offense, blocking a shot, making a great pass, trying to be involved somehow . . . somebody who likes to bring a lot of energy whether I'm clapping, hi fiving somebody, saying something, cheering on my teammates. I'm just as active on the bench as I am on the court.
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