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has no negative impact on hairstyle
— by betrees betrees
When your hair is predried and moisturized with a sponge towel, texture or concentration, apply, remove the dryer.
Head down, take the roots off with your fingers and dry them.
On the length and tip, use a diffuser to keep your hair rings.

For others, use a circular brush, above and below, to smooth and move them while breathing.
Professional skills, get your Velcros out!

Prepare five, one for the front, two for your waist and one for your waist. reach
Place the scroll on the root of the hair, just dry, and slide along the lead to make it smooth.
At the top, around Velcro, this time in the opposite direction, C? Inner side of hair [b][url=]full lace wigs[/url][/b]
Let the scroll down until your hot wire cools. Print a circle on your root and tip.
You can gently put your fingers in the public, as if your body had recovered a little.
A simple trick, instant size, has no negative impact on hairstyle. Forget the traditional lacquer scarf.