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How to Utilize the Notification Center on iOS
— by Jack Martin Jack Martin
When the notification sound of your iPhone pops up, you glance at it to check what the music was all about, and it disappears from your iPhone lock screen because you can’t read your text before entering your password.

If your screen is asleep or awake and if your iPhone is locked or unlocked you can see your text through Notification center.

How to go to Lock screen notifications on your iOS

In iOS, the lock screen is that when you open your screen to use your iOS is the first screen shows which make the screen to be wake up is called a lock screen. Lock screen offers you a way to keep your iPhone iOS secure from someone else use. It is also the screen where your notification pops up. So, if you are sitting on your bed and iPhone is on your table, to show you a message, reminder, and email notifications your screen will wake up.

If you don’t want any application notification, then you can easily disable the notification, which application you allow notification that will appear on your screen and not only this you can also allow how much notification you wish to see in your iOS