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Brother Printer Support - Steps that should be followed to Fix Canon Printer Error B200
— by Smithwatson Smithwatson
Brother Printer Support
Error B200 indicates that the print head voltage or temperature is not normal. The Print head could be defective and Canon B200 error might seem a typical issue, but it can be solved very quickly. And, to solve this issue, the user can follow these steps:

Step 1: Disconnect the power cable from the printer, and then wait for an hour. After it is done, connect the power cable.

Step 2: Review, and then clean the head contact pin condition of the carriage unit and also check cable connection especially the carriage FFC.

Step 3: Switch off the power of the printer, and then start the panel. After starting the panel, turn on the power. Pause for print carriage to start moving to the left and make it go beyond halfway. Before print carriage touches the left-hand side, shut the cover and leave the printer turned on.

Step 4: Start the printer and force the whole print head mechanic to the center. When the printer is still open then secure the power by turning it on. The print head would be seen moving, and would go to the extreme left. At that time, close the cover and wait until its boot up.

Step5: Clean the print head or replace it.