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— by Smithwatson Smithwatson - Norton allows the user to delete or lock the screen of the device when it was so that the important and the most valuable data is safe from being stolen. This is one of the best and amazing features that the Norton Antivirus have. It is very easy to use and does not need any guide of the user to scan the full system or specific folder, fixing the issue on just one click.

1.Norton Antivirus software can support the maximum devices of up to 5 at one time.
2.The protection can be moved from one device to another device by just simply using the online account.
3.It is very easy to add the devices to the list of protected devices.
4.The software can perform the scan of the full system easily.
5.Restricts the user from visiting the malicious website and downloading the file which is suspicious.
6.Norton installed device can be tracked if stolen by chance and can delete all the valuable data or can also lock the screen.
7.Norton Antivirus Software allows the user to schedule the time for a scan so that system scan will be automatic on the required   time.