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Life Nutra Keto These works also reveal that HIIT exercise routines, in addition to burning more fat, performing them consistently get accelerated metabolism, which causes many more calories are burned throughout the day. Athletes who practice exercises in which the physical condition is fundamental, can also get interesting benefits by complementing their sport with these sessions of high intensity. A good example of this is those who practice team sports, who have to endure long games with constant changes of speed. So thanks to the complementarily of regular sports and high intensity sessions you can improve your physical condition. And the beginners in sports? It is important to make a prior evaluation of each person and their level before starting high intensity sessions. It is a very good choice if you are starting to train, but it is normal that not everyone has the optimal physical condition to endure a full HIIT training session. In our gyms we have good professionals who know how to individualize the training of each person. First they will teach you how to perform the exercises correctly to avoid harmful movements and, when you are ready, they will begin to increase the intensity and duration of your workouts. The WHO has brought to light a study that reveals that one in four adults does not perform enough sport to obtain the health benefits provided by it. This study reports that, in general, there has been a very considerable increase in sedentary activities during leisure time. And in adolescents and schoolchildren the data is even worse, since 80% of them are not active enough. Performing a physical activity such as HIIT sessions, helps to preserve muscles, joints and bones in an optimal state, in addition to the aforementioned fat loss and the acceleration of our metabolism. Continued physical activity also very efficiently stimulates the immune system and regulates very important aspects of health (such as blood glucose levels or blood pressure). In this sedentary life that is invading our society it is essential to stay active and exercise regularly. Therefore, have the strength of will and sign up for an exercise such as HIIT that, thanks to its short duration, will prevent you from having the permanent temptation of abandonment.