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Here’s a quick look at how Jon and Jay Gruden view their relationship John Brown Jersey , their talents and what it was like growing up Gruden, via their answers during interviews with The Associated Press:

Who did your parents love more when you were growing up?

Jay: “Me. They always told me I was the perfect kid, so I assume it was me.”

Jon: “I was the middle kid, so I got all the hand-me-downs. I’m kind of the forgotten Gruden.”

Who was the better brother?

Jay: “Jon, actually, was a great big brother. Showed me the ropes, as far as my athletic progress from a young kid to a high schooler, to a college kid. He was a big part of that progress. So I owe a lot to him. So I would say he was the better brother.”

Jon: “Jay. Jay was no maintenance. He just laid around and drank Dr Pepper and ate microwave popcorn.”

Who had the messier room?

Jay: “That would be mine, probably. I was always kind of scattered. Sloppy a little bit. I wasn’t quite the go-getter like Jon. Jon was a clean freak.”

Jon: “Probably Jay, because he never came out of his room.”

What is your brother’s hidden talent?

Jay: “He’s unbelievable when it comes to trivia, as far as old college football, basketball, baseball. He knows every lineup ever.”

Jon: “He’s a good golfer. He can crush it. He’s got a great vertical game on the golf course.”

Who is smarter?

Jay: “Jon is definitely smarter. His ACT, SAT scores (were) way higher than mine. He was good in school. Yeah Jason Sanders Jersey , I’m not very bright. Got that from my dad.”

Jon: “Neither one of us is very smart when it comes to ‘book smart.’ But when it comes to work ethic and knowing our profession, I would say it’s probably a toss-up.”

Who was the better athlete?

Jay: “That would be me. … Played college football, Louisville, Division I. Played Arena Football. Fourth greatest player of all-time in the Arena Football League. You guys can laugh at that if you want to, but I’m proud of that. So, yes, I would say me. I could always beat him in basketball, always a better baseball player.”

Jon: “He’s a better athlete. He’s an all-state quarterback, the all-time leading passer at Louisville at one time. I’m a backup, ham-and-egg Division III quarterback. That’s all I am.”

Who is the better coach?

Jay: “Well, Jon’s won a Super Bowl, so I mean, you can’t argue that. Jon’s obviously got a little more experience and more success. It’s all about winning Super Bowls. He’s got one, I’ve got zero.”

Jon: “You don’t ever want to say you’re better than your brother. He’s probably better than me. He’s won a lot more games than I have. I haven’t won a game in almost 10 years. So I’m going to go with Jay. He’s won championships as a head coach in Arena Football. He won an NFC East title and I think this is the best Redskins team that he’s had.”

If it was intentional Phil McConkey Jersey , it was brilliant. If it was inadvertent, it was the equivalent of discovering plutonium by accident.

Regardless, the NFL’s multi-step P.R. play regarding free-agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick supplied those who don’t like him and/or his anthem protests with an endless stream of talking points that continue to provide a useful basis for quickly shifting the goalposts whenever anyone begins to make progress while arguing the objective unfairness of Kaepernick’s lingering unemployment.

By now, everyone knows the truth: Kaepernick isn’t employed not because of his skills, but because of his politics. More specifically, because he decided to bring attention to police brutality directed at African-Americans and people of color by not standing during the national anthem, the NFL regards him as “bad for business,” regardless of whether the NFL’s current business outlook currently is bad. (Earlier this month, Falcons owner Arthur Blank justified the Matt Ryan contract in part by explaining that “[l]eague revenues are up, club revenues are up.”

But the process didn’t start with the truth. The process began with unnamed sources pushing false narratives to the media aimed at justifying his unemployment for football reasons. And the anti-Kaepernick crowd still continues to indiscriminately rattle off one of more of these long-debunked reasons even now, months after the NFL finally conceded that the all-about-football decision was only about non-football considerations.

It started with the attack against Kaepernick for “opting out” of his contract, a red herring that was quickly debunked by 49ers G.M. John Lynch, who said on PFT Live that Kaepernick would have been cut if he hadn’t chosen to rip up his deal and become a free agent in March 2017. It continued with someone pushing to Dan Graziano of ESPN.com the notion that Kaepernick wanted a salary in the range of $9 million to $10 million per year and a chance to compete for a starting job. But no one actually knew what Kaepernick wanted at the time, because the conversation hadn’t progressed to the point where anyone had asked Kaepernick or his agents what he wanted at the time.

And there they were Tyrell Williams Jersey , the first two football-related knocks on Kaepernick — he “opted out” of a sure thing with the 49ers, and he wants too much from everyone else.

Then came concerns about his diet. “He’s not eating meat!” the pearl-clutching personnel execs privately said, while also admiring Tom Brady‘s avocado ice cream habit.

Next, it was the notion that some within the 49ers organization believe Kaepernick is more committed to social justice work than playing football. That was quickly refuted, but that didn’t matter. The anti-Kaepernick crowd had another talking point that would endure.

Eventually, as more and more quarterbacks were getting jobs — and as more and more fans and media members were saying, “Yo, what the f–k?” — media members started pushing overt baloney regarding the actual football evaluations of Kaepernick’s abilities.

鈥淭he No. 1 reason Colin Kaepernick is unsigned: He鈥檚 not considered a starting-caliber player by any NFL evaluator anymore. Work from there,” Albert Breer of SI.com tweeted on May 9, 2017.

It was a specious claim from the get go. How does anyone know what every NFL evaluator thinks?

But truth doesn’t matter. What matters is loading up those who oppose Kaepernick with ammunition for countering arguments rooted in facts. Facts like Monday morning’s PFT item regarding the evidence being harvested in Kaepernick’s collusion grievance. Evidence which shows that multiple teams viewed Kaepernick as a starter in 2017 and still regard him that way today.

By late July, when the Ravens needed a quarterback and considered (for a moment) the possibility of signing Kaepernick, the truth finally surfaced. It’s not all about football. In fact, it’s about anything but football.

That’s what the story should have been from the start. The decision to shell-game the truth, however Montravius Adams Jersey , has resonated for more than 14 months, allowing fans and media who simply don’t like Kaepernick for what he did and/or what he believes to continue to cite the various football reasons that have uniformly and consistently been exposed as false.

None of this means that the NFL colluded when keeping Kaepernick unemployed. But what better way to throw dirt on the collusion trail than to try to twist and distort the real reasons for the universal (and potentially coordinated) decision to distance the league from a player whom multiple evaluators did indeed regard as a starting-caliber player?

Regardless of whether collusion is proven, and despite the reality that Kaepernick would be employed right now but for his protests, alternative facts have become a very real and viable basis for shouting down anyone who looks at the situation, considers the facts, and says, “Yeah, he’s getting screwed.” However that strategy came to be, the NFL should bottle it and sell it to Washington, D.C.

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