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fake Richard Mille RM53-01 Carbon black rubber mens watches


  perfect replica watches   The rest of the cases are machined with raised nails, reminiscent of the leather of ancient reptiles, and the name is explained. It is made of bronze, the first time Urwerk has used this fashionable alloy, and it has been polished many times to give it an old look. As a result, it looks perfect as a prop in the game of Thrones. What's more terrible is the crown. It's very big. It's covered with spikes, like a miniature club. After flipping it over, it looks more traditional and has the same case as the standard ur-105. The bottom cover is made of titanium and has a black ceramic coating with two key features. The first is the winding speed control lever from "full" to "red" and then to "stop". It controls automatic windup, full windup with maximum efficiency, red short windup to reduce efficiency, and stop windup mechanism. The logic behind it is to optimize the wind according to the wearer's physical activity: the motionless paper pusher should set the top chord to "full", so as to ensure that the watch can wind even if it doesn't move, while the soldiers wielding the bloody, sharp stick can do this with "red", because it really brings a miracle for the wind up in the battlefield.  

The   urwerk replica   latest version of Urwerk EMC combines traditional tabulation and electronic technology, and its hollowed out dial reveals the mechanical principle of the movement. First introduced in 2013, EMC tried to improve the old mechanical watch with high technology: electronic speed monitor, manual crank indicates whether the movement is fast or slow, and whether the movement is healthy (through amplitude). If the speed error is detected, the wearer can adjust the movement return through the screw on the movement, eliminating the need to visit the watchmaker, just like the ordinary movement in case of abnormality. That said, if there is a problem with the amplitude, the skills of the watchmaker are still needed.

Despite the high technology, EMC is the only Urwerk that can tell time in an old way: two hands, which is unusual. The function of timehunter X-ray is the same as that of earlier versions of wristwatches. Its novelty lies in the hollow dial, the time is displayed on the central dial, and the rate monitor is at the 11 o'clock position, one o'clock in seconds. The small sector scale of the eight hour system is the power storage indicator of the 80 hour manual upper chain movement.

  richard mille for sale   The front of the case is made of fine steel and the back is made of titanium metal, all of which are coated with frosted black ceramic layer. Its size is 43mm wide and 51mm long. 15 X-rays are limited to be issued. The pre tax price is 125000 Swiss francs, including Singapore tax price of S $220900.

Urwerk's entry-level watch, ur-105, is a bit fanciful compared to the limited edition racing gold. This sport is decorated with a rose gold front panel with clous de Paris or henna. Although the design is reminiscent of the recent ur-105 T-Rex, it is clearly more luxurious in appearance.

In addition to the gold panel, ur-105 angry gold is the same as the ordinary ur-105. The case is 39.5mm wide and 53mm long. The case is 18K gold. The black bottom coating is titanium metal back. The ur 5.02 movement is installed in the middle. The movement is based on the elite movement in real force, which can adjust the automatic chain speed. It also has Urwerk's iconic satellite time display,  perfectwrist.co   which shows hours on the turntable and also points to minutes.