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It would not be wrong to say that today’s motto of life is a disappointing slur on our lives; instead of letting our children be productive through a good amount of physical activities [url=http://www.authenticsarizonacardinals.com/cheap-chase-edmonds-jersey]Cheap Chase Edmonds Jersey[/url] , we are enslaving them to the technology. This post will discuss why our kids are becoming academic learning machines and what can we do about it.

Why my Kid is being so Boring Lately?
The answer is simple; the excruciating academic tasks have deprived your kid of all the wit and mischief that might have existed in some part of his growing mind. Soon, your child will lose all interest in the studies and any other thing for that matter. Why? Because his mind is fatigued; not energized enough to think anything that comes remotely close to the word ‘fun.’

Before we go any further, here’s what you need to know. The brain is not designed to be fed with complicated information all the time, and no [url=http://www.authenticsarizonacardinals.com/cheap-mason-cole-jersey]Cheap Mason Cole Jersey[/url] , sleep does not count (although it is necessary, but it is not the substitute for healthy physical activity.) Children need their time to process the complex data that they are exposed to every day in the classrooms and at home, and physical activities can help with the digestion of that information.

Are the Video Games Not Enough?
No, they are not! Most people believe that by allowing their children to have ample exposure to the video games can increase their mental sharpness. It is true that video games can help children develop certain cognitive skills [url=http://www.authenticsarizonacardinals.com/cheap-christian-kirk-jersey]Cheap Christian Kirk Jersey[/url] , but that does not make a permanent alternative for active play that is born in the playgrounds, around outdoor playground equipment.

However, the crux of the discussion is not to completely eliminate the high-tech games for your children’s life; the essential thing is to find the balance between different play activities.

How can I Find the Balance between Work and Play?
This is the most challenging part of overall child development—finding the right balance between work and play. The best way to achieve a perfect balance is through a right work and play schedule. On average, children should be allowed at least 48 hours of both structured and unstructured activities that allows them to open up their mind to solve puzzles and various other mentally challenging tasks.

Try to find age-appropriate toys that are exigent enough to test a child’s ability to deal with challenging tasks. Weekends should be allocated for a full-day [url=http://www.authenticsarizonacardinals.com/cheap-josh-rosen-jersey]Cheap Josh Rosen Jersey[/url] , fun-oriented activities. This can involve beach volleyball, a visit to the zoo, a visit to an aunt in a different city and many other things that can take a kid’s mind off hectic school chores.

What are you doing to keep your children active? Is your child the jack from the proverb? Make significant life modifications today and let your kids have a happy, healthy life.

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