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What Is Liquid Essiac Tea Beneficial For? Health Articles | August 10 Mario Hezonja Jersey , 2012
Many alternative and natural treatments have been claimed to be good for cancer patients. While many of these treatments have not yet been scientifically tested and proven effec...

Many alternative and natural treatments have been claimed to be good for cancer patients. While many of these treatments have not yet been scientifically tested and proven effective, many people still choose to try them hoping they would really do wonders for cancer patients. One of the more popular and controversial alternative cancer treatments is tea is a combination of four different herbs, which are common in North America, namely Indian rhubarb root, sheep sorrel, slippery elm inner bark Marreese Speights Jersey , and burdock root. It is said that these herbs nourish the body and can boost the immune system. Aside from its ability to cure cancer, this tea is also said to be beneficial for those with underactive immune system.

The Formula

The four types of herbs making up Essiacteacontain properties that are vital to immune system strengthening. Burdock root can stimulate the urinary tract and the intestinal tract. This, then, can begin the removal of waste and toxins in the body. Meanwhile, the slippery elm inner bark has high mineral and vitamin contents which support the internal organs and the immune system. Thirdly, the sheep sorrel can stimulate the urinary tract and sweat glands for the elimination of toxic wastes from the body. Finally Arron Afflalo Jersey , the Indian rhubarb root strengthens the liver and may also stimulate the circulation of oxygen in the body.

As Cancer Treatment

Essiacis widely known as an effective alternative treatment for cancer. In essence, the four herbs boost the immune system and effectively facilitate the elimination of the body聮s toxins. As a result, cancer development can be impeded. Such herbs are also known to have some kind of anti-inflammatory properties, which is good for the treatment of cancer.

While there hasn聮t been any sufficient testing done on this tea by the FDA and no approval has also been given to it, a lot of cancer survivors have claimed that this herbal formula has done wonders for the treatment of their illnesses.

For Skin Health and Detox

Aside from being an effective cure for cancer, Essiacis also known to be a potent cure for certain skin problems like psoriasis and eczema. This can be explained by the fact that the four herbs work together to strengthen the body organs Jonathan Isaac Jersey , among which is the skin. Should there be any form of toxic buildup in the body, the first organ to suffer is usually the skin. Once the toxins have been cleared out, the health of the skin will certainly be restored.

Support to the Immune System

A lot of people have claimed that drinking this tea can do a lot in boosting the immune system. Take note that being sick is not the only reason that you may need to drink this tea. The truth is that the immune system is always working to make sure that the body remains healthy and working well. One of the things that can seriously ruin a person聮s immune system is the repeated assault from bacteria, viruses, and toxins. And so, by drinking this tea Jason Williams Jersey , you can rest assured that you are protected against anything that may harm your immune system.

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