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The Late , Great Ted Williams Published: 14.07.2009 | Author: shining lion | Category: Recreation And Sports
Baseball, The United States’ very own hobby, has forever been regarded as a country prize. To an avid advocator such as myself, nothing is more thrilling than to watch the sport being played well by the famous stars of the sport. To me, none hit the ball more skilled, or played the sport more skilled than the now deceased, exceptional Ted Williams, and in my view he is the very brightest of all those super heroes. His name in my opinion should be on the lips of every dynamic zealot of baseball, and should continue to be pressed on baseball hats, on the backs of wholesale jerseys, or even on those lunchboxes kids used to carry. Why? The name, the legend, and the man should always be remembered , for the history of baseball is greater because of it.

Christened affectionately as Terrible Ted, Ted Williams played the left field position for twenty-one seasons, two of which were delayed by time spent in the United States Marine Corps. as a pilot, and in two different wars no less. The dignity of a man who plays a game with rapture and devotion, while not neglecting the same devotion to the assurance and service of his nation and fellow citizens, is the exemplar of majesty itself. The man was missing for five years on that field, during the peak of his athleticism, and I have total trust that were his feet present on the ballfield, that his extraordinarily great average would be that much more marvelous.

Mr. Williams was a hitter and boy, could he hit. He practiced the science of hitting like you would a subject at school. Stan Musial was recorded as saying, “Ted Williams was the best hitter of our era. He gained 6 batting titles and served his country for 5 years, so he would have gotten more. He liked talking about hitting and was a great student of hitting and pitchers.” He won the MVP Award 2 times, led the major leagues in batting 6 times , and won the Triple Crown two times as well. He experienced a career batting average of .344, with 521 home runs and turned to the final batsman to bat over .400 in a lone season, which was .406 in 1941 to be exact. He is the undoubted leader of batting averages for those with 500 runs or more.

A exciting snapshot in Ted Williams’ great career was in the 1946 All-Star Game at Fenway. He slammed a home run to add to his record, this time off of Rip Sewell’s malevolent eephus pitch. It was like two gunslingers warring it out through psychological warfare. Williams challenged Sewell to toss the pitch, even pretending weakness with a strike on the first. He defied him a second time, and clocked a home run. In that celebrated game, he hit 4 for four with 2 home runs and 5RBIs, as the AL beat the NL, 12-0. Now let’s see those wholesale jersey goods. Otherwise I’m pondering about becoming a jerseys wholesaler myself to get “The Kid’s” grand name on as bountiful jerseys, to as plenty of baseball fanatics as I possibly can.

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