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A good camper home is the epitome of comfortable travelling and touring. These vehicles double up as anything from portable homes to portable shops. Because of the usefulness of such vehicles , many people own, or at least would like to own an RV. People who do not want to spend a bomb on a RV sometimes opt to buy second hand, or used RVs, and if they do not research the vehicle well, they might actually end up spending more than they would have buying a spanking, brand new RV. If you are still undecided about whether you should buy a new RV or go in for a new one, consider these aspects before you take the final decision.

Vehicles do not just mean putting in the keys , hitting the accelerator and going down the path less travelled. RVs, like all other vehicles also mean documentation, paperwork and other rules and regulations, one of them being insurance. When you buy a new vehicle, you get free insurance for a couple of years or months. When you buy a second hand one, you would need to buy a policy of the previous one has expired. As a thumb rule, the older the vehicle , the more would be the cost of insurance. Therefore, you need to consider how much insurance the second hand vehicle would cost you, and whether it would be a justifiable cost, compared to the cost of a new RV altogether.

Vehicles also go through a lot of wear and tear, some lesser and some more – but they do get their fair share of wear and tear eventually, and the user needs to repair, replace and altogether get new devices for the vehicle. While buying a used RV , you should make an experienced mechanic look, and maybe take a couple of test rides before you finally put the money bills on the table. Whether it is a pleasant surprise or a bad one would depend on how the previous owner used and maintained the vehicle. Some RVs may have their engines and components in a better state even after years of use and misuse as compared to newer ones with substandard or cheaply assembled components.

If you are looking at buying an old RV, you may have some issues getting spare parts and replacement parts for the same. Many a times, RV manufacturers discontinue spare parts production, or at least muzzle the production, and this creates an artificial demand for the spare parts in the market. If you own an old RV, you might need to pay more for spare parts , as compared to what you would pay for the same spare part for a newer vehicle, not to mention the hassle and wait for getting the spare part in the first place.

These aspects, combined with the fact that many finance companies are more than happy to finance an RV, makes buying a second hand RV, or any vehicle on the second hand market quite improbable today. Buses
The bus is still in Turkey the main form of transportation. Every town, every area in Turkey can be reached from the bus station, the *otogar*. Otogar is a word combination , ("Oto" means car, "Gar" comes from the French word Gare for station). Go there and you'll find all bus companies - tickets can be obtained right here. A confusing picture sometimes as there are so many agencies - so do decide on a serious company. And specially in summertime do book in time.

All buses have good comfort and air conditioning and a stop on the way for having a meal is always arranged

The Dolmus (dolmush) is typically Turkish and can be found everywhere. These are mainly minibuses traveling relatively short distances. A dolmus usually waits and starts in the bus station () until it is full and then leaves. You can board a dolmus anywhere on its route by signaling it to stop for you. Similarly you can get off at a convenient point anywhere along the route. The destination of the dolmus is posted in the windscreen. This kind of public transport is cheap and efficient and works very well all over Turkey.

Money Matters
Turkish currency is the Lira (TL) and the inflation rate still is very high (between 70 and 80%.) So prices in this country change quickly. Don't change at home, change in Turkey! The rate is a lot better here. Unless you've just won the lottery! Check your money and receipt before leaving the bank Get used to the color and denomination of the Turkish Lira (TL) before going out to spend them. Spread them out somewhere and have a good look (and a small gloat at the millions!). Calculate an exchange rate to fit each note, and round up or down so you can remember it. E.g.: 1,000,000TL (1 Million) is about half a pound - something like that. When you buy something, make sure you understand how many TL are needed , shopkeepers often write the sum down to avoid confusion, and count your notes out carefully. Anyhow many of the restaurant owners or shop keepers are used to western currencies.

National holidays
Official holidays are:
January 1st - New Year's Day
April 23rd - Children's Day
May 19th - Day of youth and sport
MIA 27th - Day of constitution
August 30th Victory Day.
October 29th Republic Day

Religious holidays
In Islam there are two big religious festivals. During the fasting time (Ramadan or Ramadan), Muslims are forbidden to eat, drink, smoke or have sexual intercourse between sunrise and sunset. Armada marks God's revelation of the Koran, Islam's holy book to the Prophet Mohammed. This 4 weeks fasting time is followed by the Sugar Fete (Seker Bayrami), when people visit each other and offering sweets.

About two months later Kurban Bayrami is celebrated - 'The Festival of Sacrifice' , which is Turkey's longest religious and also secular holiday. This festival commemorates Abraham's near sacrifice of his son Isaac (Koran Rura 37).

Following Islamic tradition, several million rams are sacrificed in Turkey every year. Every devout household who can effort it buys one. After morning prayers on the f. Cheap NHL Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys China   Wholesale Hockey Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys Wholesale   Cheap NFL Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys   Cheap NFL Jerseys   Cheap NFL Jerseys China