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<p>AOL is a worldwide recognized email service that has been used by millions of users. It comes with several exceptional features and also allows you to resize panels, customize list view, switch between regular and basic aol mail login, and other functionalities. Despite built-in security features, adding more layer of security is definitely an excellent choice to hoodwink the hackers and to maintain the privacy of your emails.

For this, you can AOL allows you to add 2-step verification feature. If you are new to AOL and finding out the steps to do the same, then check out steps mentioned here: aol login, aol sign in, login, sign

Your AOL account is more secure now. By doing this, you block every path for the unauthorized users to look into your emails and steal the information contained in it. As aforementioned, you will receive a code for every aol com login you make to access your account. Whenever you feel like you don’t need this security feature, you can turn it off by visiting the same Account section and moving the toggle switch to the left.