Why Now Is A Fantastic Time To Return To Rainbow Six

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Why Now Is A Fantastic Time To Return To Rainbow Six


If First Contact Entertainment wishes to keep their player base participated, adjusting the economy using either a much higher rate to unlock new firearms or reduced prices across the board might be the next best strategy to R6 credits.

Falling in the exact same trap as other PSVR names that try to go with a realistic fashion, Firewall Zero Hour does not quite hold up when the action slows down. On the PlayStation 4 Pro, gun versions and those of your fellow comrades-in-arms lose their fidelity and end up being a jagged mess of pixels once the action slows down.

Spotting enemies from throughout the map can also often be difficult to see the lower resolution of the PlayStation VR, but I fear that this is going to be a common complaint of mine until Sony accomplishes the next generation of VR cans and may increase the resolution of their cans and eliminate that screen door effect.

Firewall Zero Hour gives the player something truly special with the gun in their own hands. Never have I played a shot that gave this level of liberty without separating the gun from the participant's actual field of vision. Whichever way you're looking, the rifle operates completely independently from both the camera and where the participant's standing.

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