What Shall I Do to Restore Lost Contacts from Android?

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What Shall I Do to Restore Lost Contacts from Android?

My Situation
I turned aloud the music and was doing Gym in my sport room last night. Suddenly I heard my baby kept barking then I headed out to check what had happened, my silly sweetie was shouting to the ringing phone. I picked up my Samsung Galaxy Ⅳ, unlocked the screen and tried to answer the call. No matter how many times I dabbed the “Answer” it didn’t show any response. Later the call ended and my phone auto restarted. Sure I wanted to go through the call history to check who had called me. I was astonished that the call history was empty and all my contacts had vanished. My mind’s blank and I felt my brain stopped thinking. Oh Lord! Please help me!

What to do to get my lost data back?
After a while, my mind’s back and I knew I gotta do something to rescue my phone contacts soon. Googled “how to recover lost data from Android”, I read every piece of info in case of missing any important clue. However, not all appeared to be helpful and a large portion of the info were ads. I was desperate and didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to purchase a software if it’s not necessary but now I didn’t seem to have a better option. Then I tried and downloaded one trial version of data recovery tool from the page I was viewing, hoping that I haven’t drained all my luck.

What happened to me?
I installed and ran the program, connected my phone to the computer and it auto-scanned the device. Even though 500+ contacts were stored in my phone but it took only about 20 secs to extract all the files. What a surprise! Name, Phone number, email, address, company info were all listed. I clicked and selected all contacts then hit recover, in less than 1 sec all my contacts were restored to the folder that I had chosen. I couldn’t wait anymore so directly I opened the folder and WOW! All my contacts were back! Thank God!

I am glad to provide and share you a screenshot of how I recover lost contacts from Samsung Galaxy. The program named Myjad Android Contacts Recovery, simple and efficient!


The whole process worked smoothly and without pause and suspension. The firewall and Norton installed on my computer didn’t detect any suspicious activity hence I believed that this Myjad Android Contact Recovery read my device only and wouldn’t tamper with other files.

The End
Don’t lose hope even you are driven to a corner. You are not trapped unless you choose to be! That’s how I regain contacts from my Samsung Galaxy. Later I read more about Myjad Android Contacts Recovery, I find it supports all brands of smartphones that run Android OS like Sony,  LG, HTC, ZTE, HUAWEI, Lenovo, Motorola etc. Hope that it can help you, too.

You can watch the video tutorial below:
How to Recover Contacts from Android Phone

Dowload Free Trial as Below: