Top 5 Ways To Fix QuickBooks Error c224

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Top 5 Ways To Fix QuickBooks Error c224

The OL-222 error indicates that QuickBooks would not receive a valid response from the financial institution’s server. A parsing error took place the server response. This is often brought on by a number of characters in the .qbo file that aren't compliant with all the Open Financial Exchange (OFX) standard for exchanging financial data with QuickBooks.
The download (.QBO file) is formatted incorrectly and requirements to be fixed by the Financial Institution.
Just how to fix QuickBooks Error OL 222?

Solution 1: Update into the latest release

Please go directly to the Update to your Latest Release web site.
Now, make sure your product is selected. If you don't, click on the Change link and select your QuickBooks product.
Select and follow the instructions for starters of this update options:
Click on the Updatebutton to download the update file.
Click Setup Automatic Updates to understand simple tips to set QuickBooks Error c224 to automatically download and install the newest updates.

Make a backup of your Company file.
Import the .qbo file again.
Solution 2: Correct invalid formatting

An example of invalid characters will be “&”.  Simply by editing the QBO file in Text Edit and removing all cases of this, it could allow QuickBooks to correctly import the file.