Tips to Create Folders for Apps on iPhone

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Tips to Create Folders for Apps on iPhone

Jack Martin
Managing your iPhone undoubtedly not an easy task and by Creating a folder, you reduce the space and clutter on the device screen and by clubbing your apps together in to a single folder certainly makes your phone easy to handle. In this article,we’re going to learn this trick.

These are the steps one has to follow for creating folders :

1.     To make a folder, you’ll need at least two or three apps to put into it. Make a list of which ones you want to insert in to a folder.

2.    Select and hold one of your chosen app still they stop shaking.

3.    Drag one of the preferred apps over the other app. When they get merge to the second one, take your fingers off the phone. Now your folder should be created.

4.    Next step is different from phone to phone you are using, if you are operating ios 7 and higher, the folder and its suggested name may take up the entire screen. In iOS 6 and earlier, you’ll seethe two apps and a name for the folder in a little strip across the screen.

5.    Now you can edit the name of the folder by selecting on the title and using the onscreen keyboard.

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