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Stainless steel wire

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Dongguan Chun Ming Metal Materials Co., Ltd. is a large private enterprise integrating production and sales. The company was established in 1989. The company produces stainless steel spring line, [url=]s45c steel sheet 4130 steel plate hot rolled price[/url], stainless steel wire, stainless steel straight wire, stainless steel wire, stainless steel flat wire widely used in oil, chemical, construction, medicine, food, machinery and other industries, and can meet metal hose, pen, kitchen, food and steam. Car parts, camera parts, precision electronics, mobile phones, household appliances and other requirements. Favorable price, high standard quality, highest reputation, perfect after-sales service, warmly welcome you to patronize!!!

The stainless steel line, stainless steel flat wire, square line and semicircle line produced by the company have the following characteristics:

1. The stability of the product is good. A uniform and beautiful surface state.

2. It has good formability and soft straightening of all kinds of [url=]alloy steel ASTM 4130 steel plate[/url].

3. High plasticity and good fatigue strength.

4. The corrosion resistance is good when exposed to bad environment.

5, whether it is non-magnetic or weak magnetic stainless steel spring line, can be widely used in electronics and household appliances. Production of high quality stainless steel flat wire, 65M flat wire, 45 steel flat wire.

6, stainless steel spring [url=]stainless steel tube sizes metric[/url] material 201301304316 domestic, imported fog surface, import.

The company is based on the principle of good faith and excellence in business management. All departments operate strictly and orderly according to the requirements of quality control. The company strictly controls all links from product R & D to production and factory, so that users can be more satisfied with it. At the same time, special emphasis is placed on the product process and technical services, as well as after-sales services, all-round diversification to meet the needs of the market. Let me know the details. We are zealous to serve you. We sincerely look forward to your coming and calling. We believe that more partners will be more business cooperation!!!