Solution: modify router settings and use routers as switches.

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Solution: modify router settings and use routers as switches.

Tutorials of optical fiber cat connected to wireless router

HUAWEI HS8545M light cats how to turn on the [url=]Zte Olt Onu Huawei Hg8040 Gpon Onu English Firmware 4 Lan Ports[/url] function? HUAWEI HS8545M light cat default does not open routing function, want to open routing function, the following we will look at the detailed tutorial.

1, login web management, super user: telecomadmin, admintelecom, network - Broadband settings - new, make up as follows, username, password is moved to, pay attention to not port binding.

2. State - network side information, you can see the connection

3, network - binding settings, as follows.

4, after application, as follows.

5, set up. Other WiFi settings, not much.

To solve the problem of sharing the local area network built by the cat + [url=]Very Nice Mini Huawei Gpon Olt Price Ma5800 X2[/url], there are 3 computers in the family, 1 in the bedroom and 2 in the study room. Use light cats and routers to share the Internet. There is no problem accessing the Internet, but it turns out that the LAN can not be accessed. The netting between the computer on the cat and the computer on the router can not be accessed. The local area network can be accessed between computers with the same device. The following home LAN topology shows that the E3-1230 and 4850E computer LANs can be shared, but cannot be shared with the E8400 computer.

Solution: modify router settings and use routers as switches.

1, [url=]Very Low Cost Huawei Smartax Ma5600T Ma5603T Scub Gpon Olt[/url] and light cat's IP address are: Change the IP address of the router. First, break the wire between the light cat and the router. Enter the browser to change the router's LAN IP, for example, to

2, turn off the router DHCP.

3, the WAN interface on the router does not plug in the network.

If the operation is wrong, you can not enter the setup page of the router, you can use toothpicks to plug the RESET hole behind the router. The factory settings can be restored.

Reference: how to reset the route and text of the router

Router and light cat account password is placed under the device. Look for it by yourself.

It is not known that the IP address of the [url=]Original Huawei Ma5680T Gpon Olt 8 Gpon Ports Equipment Of Large Model Optical Line Terminal[/url] can be used. WIN+R, enter CMD, and enter the command ipconfig /all: display the details of the local TCP/IP configuration.