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QuickBooks Support Update html Error 1335

QuickBooks is just one of the most recommended accounting solutions for small and medium industries. It really is constructed on a strong platform which makes focusing on it very easy and easy. While taking care of QuickBooks accounting solution, you will find occasions whenever you might come across some technical issues like QuickBooks Error 1335. This error occurs, whenever you are trying to update your QuickBooks or repairing your QuickBooks installation. You will notice the next error message:

QuickBooks Error 1335

Error 1335: The cabinet file [data1.cab] necessary for this installation is corrupt and should not be


Error 1335: The cabinet file [2] required because of this installation may not be used.

QuickBooks Error Code 1335 generally occurs in system with Microsoft Windows operating system.

It is possible to stick to the solutions mentioned below to eliminate your QuickBooks Error Code 1335.

Solution I: Download and run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.exe file

Open any web browser in your pc system.
Ensure that you are linked to internet.
Look for QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.exe file.
Download and save it in your body.
Save this file in the local desktop.
Run this file in your body by double-clicking on the file.
Go right to the option, “I am having troubles installing QuickBooks”.