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Publish Your PDF as Flipbook with Flipbook Maker

It is always bored and dull to read a long length PDF writing or article. To attractive readers you need more than only interesting and fascinating contents. Myjad Flipbook Maker embellishes your ebook, catalog, album with colorful backgrounds, themes, animated scenes; facilitates your magazine by adding bookmarks, plugins, titles, button bar, auto flip, multiple languages etc.; enriches your writing with photos, hyperlinks, logo URL, flash video; publishes through email, Wordpress, Drupal, Joolma, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and more social websites.

What makes Myjad Flipbook Maker Different?
A variety of templates, themes, backgrounds, scenes, plugins pre-set in Myjad Flibook Maker for decorating your flipping pages. Youtube banner, image slider, music player, news rotator to vivify and give life to your ebook. More options like adding sound effect, annotation, enabling auto flip, flash playing, printing, viewing in full screen mode, setting font color, size, page proportion, page shadow are available to customize your own e-magazine.

Another feature that distinguishes Myjad Flipbook Maker from other ebook creator program is its powerful localization function which supports more than 10 different languages. If you want to read flipbook on your iPhone, Android phone, Samsung Tablets, iPad or other mobile devices, Myjad Flipbook Maker also allows you to publish your ebook in various formats that supports most digital devices.

Key Features
Imported PDF is auto-generated into flipping pages.
Multiple languages supported: English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese etc.
Numerous themes, backgrounds, scenes, plugins are optional.
Share and publish on social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, with ease.
Output in different kind of formats, enable to read your ebook in any time.

Here is the overview of the flipbook maker. You can view “demo” before creating new articles.
There are “Recent Project” and “Recent Outputs” that allows you to fast navigate to the recent opened files.

Performance and Reliability
Myjad Flipbook Maker has successfully passed many tests and gone through debugging before its final official release. It won’t crash and cause any damage to your files. It occupies little space of your CPU so absolutely no worries for affecting computer running speed.

Myjad Flipbook Maker is a great PDF-convert-to-flipbook program. You don’t need to worry about nobody’s interest in your ebook as your article will be given a makeover after being adopted change with Myjad Flipbook Maker. Try the trail version and see what this flipbook creator can make change to your essay. Enjoy more privilege with the full version.

Dowload Free Trial as Below: