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The quality of Pandora UK bracelets varies – genuine Pandora bracelets make a quality keepsake in fine metals, while non-genuine Pandora bracelets and beads are great for fashion jewelery. This article explains where you can buy Pandora beads for bracelets, the history of the Pandora collection and why these bracelets are the hottest thing in fine jewelery.    

Genuine Pandora beads for bracelets have a superior quality that is obvious to all (especially when it comes to murano Pandora Charms Sale beads). Whether you require genuine Pandora beads or not depends on the frequency of use and the balancing of price vs aesthetics for the individual.    

The Pandora Charms UK classic charm bracelet was first sold in 2000 and since then, over 800 charms in sterling silver, 14 carat gold, gemstones, cubic zirconias and murano glass have been developed for use on the basic bracelet. Spacers and clips help hold charms in place on the bracelet and assist in the distribution of weight.