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In the recent past, using Microsoft Office was very simple. All you had to do was dole out some cash and buy the Microsoft Office setup. You would insert the installation CD and install the Office suite. When a newer version would get released, you could buy that. However, things have changed now. Microsoft Office still offers one-time purchase versions which run on desktops. The latest such version is Office 2016. Users can either buy it from the online store or from a retail store. They can either download the setup from their Microsoft accounts or install the setup from the disk.
 However, unlike before, nowadays users do not need to purchase a copy of Microsoft Office. If one visits the Microsoft online store, they will notice that subscriptions for Office 365 are available on monthly as well as yearly basis. Users can also download Microsoft Office programs on their handheld iOS devices, Windows, as well as Android devices. The Microsoft Office apps on mobiles can be downloaded from the PlayStore or Apple Store. You can activate your copy of Office product at