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LUSAKA Adidas NMD XR1 Womens , Nov. 24 (Xinhua) -- Zambia's 2014 premier soccer league came to an end on Sunday with Zesco United football club crowned as champions, the Times of Zambia reported on Monday.

The champion managed to win the title with 59 points while two other teams, Power Dynamos and Zanaco, were separated by goal differences after they all finished with 57 points.

Tenant Chembo, the assistant trainer of the premier league champions Adidas NMD Runner Womens , said his side deserved to be crowned Zambia's league champions and attributed this to hard work and determination.

"Last year, we finished second and this time around we have won it. It's been hard work throughout the season for we just told the players to be focused and work hard and thank God it helped and this (winning the title) is the end product," he was quoted as saying by the paper.

The team managed to win the title after beating Kabwe Warriors 3-1 and the assistant trainer said the technical bench would now start planning for the 2015 Confederation of African Football (CAF) Champions League.

Tenant Chilumba, head coach of Power Dynamos, who have finished second said it was a bonus for his team to finish in the second position after the title slipped from their fingers.

The team Adidas NMD High Top Womens , who were league leaders for most of the season, will represent the country in the CAF Confederation Cup.

"I wouldn't say I'm disappointed we fought until the last game. I think it is a bonus to play continental. I think if you look at the way we performed last season it is a bonus for the boys, credit to them they have been working hard," he said.

by Yvonne Kennedy

DUBLIN, Feb. 26 (Xinhua) -- Hopes for continued economic recovery are on the minds of Irish voters as they go to the polls on Friday.

Though each of the four major parties have focused their campaigns on economic policies with varying degrees of tax relief and social spending Adidas NMD C2 Suede Womens , final hour polls still suggest no clear leader in the race, and a high possibility for either a hung parliament, or else a historically unlikely coalition in government.

In the previous election held in 2011, the voting public responded unequivocally to the economic crisis that hit Ireland in late 2008 by holding the then majority government Fianna Fail (Republican Party) ) accountable -- they lost 51 of their 71 seats.

Many voters would have voted against Fianna Fail for the first time in reaction to personal losses from the financial crisis, bucking decades-long family traditions since the Irish Civil War.

"Unlike in most other countries with a left-right divide Adidas NMD STLT Womens , Irish political allegiances to the two largest political parties stem from civil war era loyalties," explained political scientist John O'Brennan at National University of Ireland, Maynooth.

The Irish economy has made steady gains since 2011 under the Fine Gael-Labor coalition government.

Following growth of 5.2 percent in 2014, Ireland remained the fastest growing economy of the European Union (EU) in 2015, with its gross domestic product (GDP) increasing by 6.9 percent last year Adidas NMD Hu Trail Womens , the highest rise in the EU, according to the European Commission (EC), the EU's executive arm.

But despite the good news nationally, support for the incumbent government may not last through this election cycle, and Fianna Fail may gain back some of the support they lost in the previous election. There is dissatisfaction with how the budget is being allocated Adidas NMD Racer Womens , and many have not seen the effects of growth. Despite campaign promises by incumbent Fine Gael (United Ireland Party) to "Keep the Recovery Going", the public remains skeptical.

"The electorate may want stable growth, but they are not adverse to a change in leadership. They may feel economic exclusion but not political exclusion," observed Dr. Adrian Kavanagh, a researcher on the geography of elections.

This dissatisfaction will significantly affect the minority partner in the incumbent coalition government.

"The minority party consistently bears the brunt of dissatisfaction with policy decisions Adidas NMD Gore Tex Womens ," said Kavanagh. "By definition as a minority in coalition, they have to compromise their ideals and consequently disappoint their supporters."

Fine Gael is the largest party in Ireland in terms of members of the parliament. The party is the senior partner governing in a coalition with the Labor Party, with the Fine Gael party leader Enda Kenny serving as Taoiseach (prime minister).

Kavanagh also noted that the electorate boundary changes that go into effect for this election will adversely affect the Labor Party the most, and consequently the party has reduced their candidates significantly.

"It will a perfect storm -- everything that could go wrong seems to be going wrong for Labor in this election," said Kavanagh.

But neither will incumbent majority Fine Gael be able to leverage the consistent economic growth over their years in power into a significant victory in the polls Adidas NMD Neighborhood Womens , according to O'Brennan.

"Promises made in 2011 could not be fulfilled, and political reform did not occur despite the earthquake shake-up," he said.

For instance, one of the key elements proposed by the Fine Gael-Labor government in the last election focused on universal access to free healthcare.

"The government promised a new financing mechanism would be developed based on 'universal health insurance'," said Richard Layte Off-White X Adidas NMD Womens , professor of sociology at Trinity College.

"Unfortunately, a recent and much anticipated ESRI (Economic and Social Research Institute) report put the final nail in the coffin of the current plan as too costly and unworkable," said Layte.

"There is a lingering sense of mistrust and political exclusion among the electorate that political decisions such as instituting water charges are not being made in their name," said political sociologist Mary Murphy.

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