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James Watson
Every computer needs security in order to fight with the online criminal attacks.It includes various online criminal tasks like phishing ,cyber attacks, attacks of worms,trojan attacks,attacks of hackers.Hackers are always working on stealing information from the users.The most important target for them is that they always try to get the information abount the bank accounts of victim.They try to get the credit card information and bank account details and after they get it,they seal all of the money that is available in the acconts.So how can we overcome this first attack and how can we protect ourselves from this cyber theft.The solution is Norton Setup that provides high class security to the online transactions ,online banking ,online shopping and various other online activities.

The Another & the most important attack is phishing.Phishing is actually a process of collecting personal data with the help of bogus webpage.Hackers make banking websites which are exactly same in as the original one.People usually open the banking website from the browser and donot bother to check if the website that is opened in the window is original or the duplicate.Therefore ,the information that we put on the page is directly sent to the hacker and he gains all the control over your personal information.So what we can do about it,the solution is again the norton security.We make sure that everytime the customer opens any browser he should not be able to type the personal information on any bogus pages.The security system of the norton is activated on the browser for safe browsing.So the phishing pages cannot harm the customer

Third important & lethal attacks are the trojans & virus attacks.Trojans & virus are programs that can harm your computer .They can messup the configuration of computer.They can also uninstall the programs on its own.They also slow down your computer.Recently in starting 2017 various cyber attacks were solved and Ransomware was one of them and it was spread across various countries mostly in united states.The another svere trojan called as torpig can harm your computer systems and it also sends the information to his creater.Torpig uses Mebroot rootkit technology and it has a property of disabling antivirus program.Norton Setup provides security to that as well.Norton use latest technology in the core part of its coding to fight with such situations.It also updates it virus definitions as everday a new virus or trojan comes in the market .Norton updates its library so that it can block it.