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Norton Account - Protecting Cell Phones from Cybercrime

Norton Account - In today’s world when everything is digitalized, crime also has attained a new face. It is not just about the crime on roads today, but it is also about the threat on your devices. “Cybercrime” is the term used when we talk about any criminal activity done using or with technology. As the time is passing, new technology and devices are being developed. With the development of the digital world, new ways of illegal activities have evolved and these are reaching to our desktops and mobile phones, as well. The development of digital gadgets and computers has made our life a lot easier than before, but these vulnerable objects are easy for cybercriminals to exploit.

The cybercriminals are ever ready to collect the personal information of anyone they target. Personal information like financial detail, personal contact details and address are very important to be hidden away from the hands of these cybercriminals. You would not like to let them misuse your details for unauthorized work. You may think about blocking such activities, but it finds a different to reach its target.

Mobile phone cyber security is a significant matter to take care of, but you don’t worry. By following some steps, you will be able to protect your Cell Phones from Cybercrime.

1.Keep your phone updated.
2.Use a good anti-virus program according to your device’s compatibility and requirements.
3.A secure password would be a great option to keep your details hidden. Don’t forget to use a different password on a different website.
4.While entering a website, make sure it is starting with “https:”
5.Remember, don’t open any links from unknown sources. It could be harmful.
6.Download files from trusted sources. They usually contain “https:”at the beginning of their URL.
7.Back up data in intervals of time.
8.Always buy your device from a recognized brand. These brands will always provide an International Mobile Equipment Identity.
9.Giving your phone to a stranger only for few minutes could be dangerous.