My HP Printer is not working properly

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My HP Printer is not working properly

Sometimes, while printing the documents HP printer does not work properly because of some common problems may occur like not picking up the paper or printing the multiple sheets. It is a very common problem that hits us very often. We are enlisting most of the cases with solutions when these problems may arise and you just need to keep a check on these points so that I won’t be stuck in between important work.

The Printer is not picking up the paper:

• First of all, check your paper tray if there is any folded or jammed sheet of paper remain inside
• Make sure no remnants of paper inside the printer
• Check the ideal size of the paper if it does not then consider it to change
• Check the type of the paper if it is correctly set according to the control panel
• According to the size of the paper, the paper guide should be adjusted in the tray
• Verify the package of the paper and make sure that it should be unopened
• Room atmosphere should be wet and under within the specifications of the printer
• Most of the times first paper of the stack can absorb the moisture. If it happens then try to remove first 5 or 10 papers.
• The surface of the tray might not be clean so do it with warm and distilled water

The Printer is picking up multiple sheets:

• Off the sheet of the paper from the tray, loosen and rotate it by 180 degrees. And then return the stack into the tray without folding it
• Choose the top quality paper that meets the requirement of the HP printer
• Do not use the crumpled papers. If possible then take the paper from the different bundle of papers
• Do not overfill the paper tray and keep it against the stack-height marking

If you are also finding any difficulty while following the aforementioned steps then connect with HP Printer Assistant or you can also call hp support assistant number and you will be guided with the most relevant solution.