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Lenovo Support +1-855-855-4384 Phone Number is Here To Provide Help for Lenovo Pc Support Phone Number Users

Camil thomas
Which Are Accessibility Features? Lenovo Support +1-855-855-4384 Phone Number
February 27, 2019
Which Are Accessibility Features?
Access features are all designed to assist people who have disabilities use technology more readily. As an instance, a speechwriter feature can read text aloud for individuals who have restricted vision, though a speech-recognition feature enables users with restricted freedom to manage the computer by using their voice. Within this lesson, we'll introduce you to a common access features. We'll also share assertive technology that you can affix to a computer for greater accessibility.

Common Accessibility Features

Although some accessibility features require special applications downloads, most are built into the functioning of your personal computer or mobile system. Here are just a couple of types of access features you may have in your own device.

Features for blind or low-vision computer users: Features like text to speech allow users to hear what's on the screen rather than reading it.
Other characteristics, like High Contrast themes and enlarged cursors, make it simpler for users who have restricted vision to find the screen.
Mono sound systems transmit right and left sound signals through both earbuds and headphones so users with constrained hearing in one ear won't miss part of what they have been hearing.
Characteristics for limited-mobility computer users:
Keyboard shortcuts are suitable for lots of individuals, but they are particularly valuable to those with difficulty physically manipulating a mouse.
For users that have difficulties pressing several keys at the same time, sticky keys lets them press keys individually for you to activate a shortcut.
Lenovo Support
Using Accessibility Features
Most computers and cellular devices arrive with integrated availability features, although they'll usually want to be turned on before it's possible to rely on them. Let's take a look at just how exactly to locate these features for your apparatus.
In Windows, start the Settings app (or Control Panel from Windows8 and sooner ), then click Simple Access.

Lenovo Support

In Os-x , Start System Preferences, then click Accessibility (or Generic Access in older versions).
Lenovo Support
On cellular devices that use Android or iOS, open the Settings app, subsequently locate the Access section. On iOS apparatus, you will discover it within the General settings category.

Lenovo Support
Web Access
Most browsers also offer their particular built-in accessibility features. You'll usually get these options on your browser preferences.
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Before you adjust these settings, then you might want to try out zooming as an alternative. Zooming is an effortless solution to produce web pages easier to browse, and it works the same manner in many browsers. If you should be using a browser at Windows, you can zoom-in or outside by pressing on Ctrl+ or Ctrl- (hold-down the Ctrl key and press on the + or - key). If you are using a Mac, you're press Control + or Command-.

To return to the default level, press Ctrl+0 (hold down the Ctrl key and press the zero secret ). If you are using a Mac, press Control +0.
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