Kickstart Norton Setup by Following

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Kickstart Norton Setup by Following

1.Update operating system to the latest updates available.
2.Meet the system's minimum configuration for Norton setup.
3.Remove old version of Norton security product and other conflicting security softwares from your system.
4.Remove all temporary and junk files from system.
5.Having a valid subscription of Norton setup.
6.Visit and follow the on-screen instructions to do Norton setup.

Unlike other software Norton installer installs the latest version including the latest antivirus definitions from One would even get a prompt to enable Norton extensions in the browser. Norton would walk you through the process of extension installation with animated arrows and explanatory panels. Once all the procedure is completed, leave the rest to Norton while you continue performing your tasks.

Norton Setup has complete features to protect data while you are online or offline. It would continue to perform its duties while giving you updates on the level of security and any malicious activity trying to access your system. One can even set up fixed time to scan so that system scan happens automatically on the required time. Norton keeps in mind the files it checked along with the trust level to speed-up with the scan process.

With time people tend to have lot of applications that can create system lags or delay in start time. With one can list up all the applications and identify the resources that are used and its prevalence in the community of Norton users.