Is bamboo floor better than composite wood floor?

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Is bamboo floor better than composite wood floor?

the domain is decorated in household in, the adornment of the floor especially important, affect us to use directly not only, return the adornment result that can affect whole. When choosing a floor board, owner people metropolis very kink. Be it is good to should choose bamboo floor board? Should still choose composite wood floor board?

Bamboo floor compares composite wood floor

Bamboo floor

Bamboo floor surface is luxuriant and decorous, the foot feels comfortable, it is one kind takes the place of with bamboo wood, the ideal that reduces lumber to use up decorates material. Can divide by use material for complete bamboo floor and Zhu Mu compound floor. Complete bamboo floor is made by bamboo entirely. Bamboo wood adds up to a floor to make face plate by bamboo commonly, heart board and motherboard are made by lumber or lumber plywood. Can divide by floor color for this bamboo color the floor is mixed char bamboo floor.

composite wood floor

Compare with photograph of real wood floor, composite wood floor uses lumber resource efficiently because of its economy, and have beautiful elegance, beautiful lubricious variety maintain caustic of much, wear-resisting, easily, installation is handy wait for a lot of characteristic, got used to modern fast rhythm and relaxed and convenient lifestyle, got the favour of broad consumer. composite wood floor is a kind of new-style area that having broad market perspective decorates material.

Different environment, use ground board also differs character, climate is the directest influencing factor. So we do not have method to reach is whether bamboo floor compares the conclusion with composite wood good floor. Everybody still wants objective, according to real factor, of many sided go considering.
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