I will share a few examples of what I did with my gifts.

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I will share a few examples of what I did with my gifts.

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Custom Bobblehead Dolls 鈥?Latest Gift Idea for Christmas Published: 18.06.2009 | Author: mileschu | Category: Weddings
Looking at the various Christmas gift ideas available in the market or on the Internet, it is really difficult to make up your mind regarding the best gifts to get for your near and dear ones. Another added factor is the economic slowdown. This year is not the same as last few years. So many people have lost jobs and so many others fear the worst. How many of us can afford iPhones or Wii game sets this year? And we can鈥檛 compromise on the quality of our gifts. We still want the best for our loved ones.

The answer to your wishes is the customized bobblehead dolls, the latest Christmas gift idea to hit the market this year. Apart from making your gift personal and unique, it doesn鈥檛 pinch the pocket too much. Bobblehead dolls have been around for a long time but a simple twist of personalizing these dolls can become your ideal Christmas gift. You can put the images of your choice on these dolls. The image can be a generic one like Santa or Lord Jesus or Mother Mary or it can be a personal one like that of the receiver or an occasion.

I will share a few examples of what I did with my gifts. For my two kids, I ordered Santa bobblehead dolls and I know the kids will simply adore them. For my dad, I ordered an Elvis doll while for my mom, I ordered a Virgin Mary doll. For my husband, I am thinking of a doll with the face of Bruce Willis, whom he adores.

Another thing that one can do with these dolls is add your customized messages on these dolls. This is another way of making your gift personal and unique. This is surely one of the simple, yet latest great Christmas gift ideas this year that will make your gift stand out among others.

Miles Chu, is the CEO of Custombobble, which deals in custom bobble heads which help to cherish a special occasion. There is a team of professional artisans who work together as expert sculptors and painters to ensure the best results. He helps to bring imagination into reality, which is in the form of a bobblehead. For more information please visit : http:www.custombobble

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