How to update Microsoft Office for Mac automatically?

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How to update Microsoft Office for Mac automatically?

Steps to set up Office setup Auto Update automatically

Open your MS Excel or any other application such as Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint

Go to “Help” on the top menu and then “Check for Updates”
Note: In case “Check for Updates” in the Help menu does not come at the top then download the latest version of “Microsoft AutoUpdate Tool.” Run the tool, now “Check for Updates” will appear in the Help menu

In “How would you like updates to be installed”?
Note: Please keep your MS Office up-to-date so that you can avail the latest features and improvements. If you have already opted the Office 365 subscription, you will get the latest features and updates

Now click “Check for Updates”
In case you are facing issues while updating Microsoft AutoUpdate, please follow the below-given steps:

Open Safari and go to this link or Microsoft website
Download the latest version of Microsoft AutoUpdate
Go to the “Finder” and press “Command button +Shift+h”
Open the “Library”
Select “PrivilegedHelperTools” and be ensured that “” exits
Now run “Microsoft AutoUpdate”

You can log in Microsoft Office by clicking on this link For more information on how to set up AutoUpdate, you can call the customer support number. They will provide you relevant solution in no time.