How to uninstall Norton from Windows 10

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How to uninstall Norton from Windows 10

If you are stuck with errors and want to uninstall Norton from your computer, you just need to follow the mainstream procedure to get rid of the incorrectly installed version of Norton antivirus. Yet, there are cases when you fail to uninstall Norton completely, especially Windows 10 users. Because the Windows version is the newest in its cluster, people are generally troubled to follow customary instructions on how to uninstall Norton.

Knowing that the operating system has a different interface, it can be guessed that the process of uninstalling programs could be different. If you to know the how to uninstall Norton antivirus on Windows 10, execute the given instructions.

Please note that you do not remove individual files from the source folder, it may cause errors when you uninstall Norton.

Visit: How to uninstall Norton from Windows 10