How to install McAfee OTP?

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How to install McAfee OTP?


Try to install the McAfee OTP by following the correct steps but if you are unable to do it by yourself then just dial McAfee Support to help you out through establishing the remote connection with due permission from you.

But before that check out the steps as listed below to install McAfee OTP-

1.Double-click on the McAfee OTP installation program.
2.The introduction page will open up.
3.Select the option ‘Next’.
4.The McAfee OTP License Agreement opens up.
5.Read carefully the license agreement and select the option ‘I accept the terms of the License Agreement’.
6.Click ‘Next’ option.
7.The Database Drivers step opens up.
8.Read the Database Drivers license information then select the checkbox to ‘Accept’ the terms.
9.Click on the option ‘Next’.
10.The selected install set step opens up.