How to fix When Norton alerts unsafe file download and deletes it automatically?

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How to fix When Norton alerts unsafe file download and deletes it automatically?

Users with active Norton setup on their computers usually face the problem when the antivirus detects a specific file download. Performing is basic task of monitoring the running task and file, Norton antivirus is developed to remove file and software when identified to be malicious.

In many cases, when you install a random file, the active Norton Setup alerts it to be unsafe download for your computer and deletes it automatically. Now, even if the file is not infected, the antivirus software still removes it, which create further problem to execute any particular task which is somehow need the file.

The problem can take place if the downloaded file has poor ratings. The feature of Norton antivirus has an insight feature that performs deep scanning of the file’s social reputation and therefore, executes best measures. The security software takes this security steps only when your system is synchronized with Norton account. If you have not configured to your Norton account, visit and login.

Before you download the file again, make sure that it does not contain virus or malware, even when you have received it via mail from an authorized email address. If you are sure about the file and want to download it again, you need to make a few setting changes in the Norton setup.

The instructions are to turn off Norton download intelligence in order to stop the automated action of auto-delete.