How to Shift Playlists to Apple Music from Deezer

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How to Shift Playlists to Apple Music from Deezer

Deezer is outstanding music streaming app, but you might find Apple Music better than Deezer sooner or later. If that is the case, you can transfer your Deezer playlists to Apple Music with the use of a few tools. Let's check out the best tools that will help you with the process in the best way possible.

Through Soundiiz

Soundiiz is an ideal web app for transferring music to Apple Music from Deezer. It works ideally with various streaming services. You will have to visit its site for the process. Follow these steps:

1. Visit the official website of Soundiiz from your browser.
2. Use any of your social media profile for signing in faster.
3. After you log in, find the Transfer button over there and click on it.
4. Choose the Playlists option when it appears on the screen.
5. Click of Deezer as the source and log in with the associated details for permitting to use.
6. Go to playlists that you wish to transfer and select Confirm and continue.
7. You get the option to change the info of tracks, delete duplicate tracks, and set the playlist as public or private. Once you have done the changes, click on Save Configuration.
8. You can even remove the songs that you don't want to shift to Apple Music now. Select Confirm Tracklist after removing.
9. Click on Apple Music as the destination and log in to complete the process.

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