How to Fix Major Problems in Apple TV

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How to Fix Major Problems in Apple TV

Apple Inc offers people one of the best micro-console and digital media player with Apple TV. Regardless of being an ideal product, a few minor or major issues are likely to appear from time to time while using it. But there is a way to solve all types of problems, and you can ideally fix app related issues with Apple TV by self as well.

How to close an unresponsive Apple TV app

Few apps keep you in trouble and don't work correctly. Well, you can get rid of them by force quitting. If you don't know how to force quit an app, the easiest way is to press and hold down the Menu button over the Siri remote that you have. It is as simple as that. Follow these steps for better understanding:

First and foremost, you need to switch on your Apple TV.
Then, you will have to pick up the Siri Remote and double-click on the Home button for Apple TV present over there.
By swiping on the right side on the available trackpad, you can find the particular app that you want to force-close.
For closing the app, once you find it, you will have to swipe up on the trackpad.
If you wish to exit, go to the top left section of the Siri remote and press the button Menu button. The button is red in color and has a "Menu" mentioned on it.

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