How to Change the Composing and Sending Settings of the AOL Mail?

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How to Change the Composing and Sending Settings of the AOL Mail?

Now-a-days, all the users handle multiple accounts for sending and receiving the emails for different purposes like personal and confidential. One such email account utilized by the users is AOL Mail account, for sending and retrieving the mails. The AOL Mail account offers a number of benefits to its users like

Sometimes the users may face some common issues while changing the composing or sending settings of the AOL Mail. Thus, the users may follow the stepwise procedures detailed in the below information to change the composing and sending Settings of the AOL Mail, without calling the AOL Support toll-free number.


Before initializing the steps to change the AOL Mail Composing and Sending Settings without calling the AOL Sign Up, the users need to “Sign in” to their AOL Mail account. To do so, enter the email address and password of the AOL Mail account to the corresponding fields of “Sign In” page of AOL Mail.

Method 1: To set the Default Font for Email:

From the main account page, click the “Options” option displayed just below the username of the AOL Mail account.
Now, select the “Mail Settings” option from the drop down context menu.
And then, tap the “Compose” option from the left panel of the “Mail Settings”.
After this, mark the “Use Rich Text / HTML Editing” checkbox within the “Rich Text/ HTML” section.
(If the users are unable to find the “” section on their AOL Mail account settings then, they may contact the AOL Support number, to get an instant help.)

Now, the users may select the “Font Style” and “Font Size” from the drop down menu.
At last, click the “Save Settings” option to save the changes made by the users.