How can I fix the Brother printer won’t print black.

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How can I fix the Brother printer won’t print black.

There are some scenarios that can prevent your brother color laser printer from printing in black. Here are some of the main reasons, which include some things that can be examined before moving away from the situation. Remember that when a new cartridge is installed, these issues will almost always start. Do not blame the cartridge because it is almost never a cartridge, which is at fault, though it is when the problem can be seen first and fix it.  Brother support number is available for instant support for any help you required.


(i) Check the cable and confirm that it is plugged in safely and the cable is not damaged.

(ii) If the other colors are printing correct and the only black is a printing mistake, then chances are you will not be able to keep it properly in your situation. So open up and remove your black ink cartridge. Now put it back and make sure it is set properly in its position.

(iii) If the only black ink is not working and since you have mentioned that it is a new one, then it is likely that you have forgotten to remove the label/tape on the tip and this can cause problems. Remove your ink cartridge and see if the packaging label has been removed or not.

If none of the above methods solves your problem then it is likely that the ink cartridge you bought is bad. Replace the ink cartridge with a new one and make sure that you only use the brand’s recommended ink. Using cheap and poor quality ink can permanently damage your printer. Brother Printer Support can help where you will find problem in installation, wireless issues connectivity and many other issues.