How can I check my HP printer's serial number?

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How can I check my HP printer's serial number?

You can find your HP Printer’s serial number easily as it is printer on labels behind and inside of the printer. Every HP printer model and machine has a unique identifying number, which is also called a serial number. It is labeled on every HP product, whether it is a computer or printer.

Why do you need HP printer's serial number?

When any issue occurs with the printer and you fail to perform any action, you speak with the support providers and these experts asks you for your HP printer's serial number to identify the exact model. This helps them to understand all its features and fixes. For many users, it becomes difficult to find their printer’s serial number but it is easy to find. It is printed on the backside of the printed and other areas.

Ways to check your HP printer’s serial number.

• On the back of a printer
• Inside the ink cartridge access area
• On a sprocket printer

If the serial number is not visible on the labels, connect your HP printer with your computer and find help from HP Printer Assistant to instruct you to find the serial number.