How can I Block and Unblock Someone on Google Hangouts

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How can I Block and Unblock Someone on Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is an awesome platform to bring your chats to life with the picture, emoji, and free video calls. However, if you are being disturbed by someone in your Hangout account, you can simply block him or her by following the instructions provided below.

Steps to Block or Unblock Someone on Google Hangouts

To Block Someone:

1. Open on your device.

2. Choose the person whom you wish to block from the Hangouts list to open the chat.

3. Click on the settings button located at the top of the chat box.

4. Tab the block option from the list.

5. Now the person will be block on your hangout.

To Unblock Someone:

1. Open on your PC.

2. Select on the menu bar (three horizontal dots) and click on the Settings option from the list that appears.

3. Scroll down to click on the Blocked people option.

4. Choose the Unblock option located next to the person who you wish to unblock.

5. The person will be unblocked and will be able to communicate with you on Hangouts.

If you are not understanding the steps or stuck on something then you should contact Gmail customer support team and explain your issues to them and they’ll be able to solve your problems in a jiffy.

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Re: How can I Block and Unblock Someone on Google Hangouts

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