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and I wonder if it's all really worth it. As far as a set having the better picture, remember that most TV outlets rs gold will have the best signal available for you to look at floor displays, but most likely you're not going to get the same video/signal quality at home, so you can expext some' degradation in the picture that's displayed. All in all,
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the set that's going to have the best picture is going to be the type of display that presents the image quality you want. They all have drawbacks of one type or another and each type has its own set of technical issues that just come with the territory, as they say. However, the most important thing you can do, is plan for the purchase of the optional extended service plan because in all probability,

you'll need it within the first couple of years and maybe even several times, thereafter. My old Hitachi analog set (14 years old) still looks great and even though it's only a 27" set, I plan to hang onto it for as long as I'm able. When it goes out, I'm really going to be hard pressed to choose a good digital replacement and if I could, I'd prefer to replace

it with another analog set. And if you're wondering why I say what I do, I used to do in home TV service for one of the big box' retailers and I've worked on all three types: Plasma, LCD and DLP. But keep in mind that all projection sets deliver a lower quality picture and any direct view set. (MORE)Are Samsung phones better than Sony Erickson phones?

Personaly I dont think so because sony erikson have either good quality camera's or they have a brilliant memory and mp3 player + but they suck. oviously, the buisness people don't care about cameras and mp3 player. for them, they just wan't a phone that can send e mails very fast and comfortably so they might prefure the samsung phones for menu and applications and screen and e mail. most of the adults don't really care about cameras.

Thts y sony is falling behind This is an stupid question. Yes, a lot more better. (MORE)What you recommmend me to buy sony or Samsung?There is no simple answer to this kind of question but here are some tips to help with a choice of television (or other equipment)\n.nThere may be more features that you want to consider so add them to the list. Once you have a complete list,
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