Guidelines about Office Add-in for Microsoft Word 2016

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Guidelines about Office Add-in for Microsoft Word 2016

Office Add-in is a term used by Microsoft Company for the software utility or for other programs that can be added to the primary program, for additional functions. As per the Style Guide, the add-in shouldn’t get confused with add-ons as the later is used for the hardware expansion unit.

The add-ins has specific but limited features that require very less memory resources. It can’t run by all by itself, so it is designed to use up by the particular program that is installed separately.

So adding up the Office add-ins with office setup 2016 will help you to customize the documents or will help in fast accessing information on the web. For example- with the help of Office add-ins, you can actually look up the items on Wikipedia directly or you can add an online map on your document, without leaving the MS-Word document.

Note- Microsoft is in the process of updating their products, documentation, samples, and other resources to make the program name change from ‘apps for Office and SharePoint’ to ‘Office and SharePoint add-ins’. They made this modification for the better understanding of the extension from the Office applications. So the messages and dialogs are different from what you see on the application.

Here, in this article know about the Office add-ins for Microsoft Word 2016 (to download, office setup 2016, you need to visit

Check out the steps to purchase an Office add-in for Microsoft Word 2016-

Select the ‘Insert’ option.
Drag your cursor to the ‘Store’ option.
Click on the ‘store’ option in the Office add-ins box.
Choose any add-in you wish to have or search for any particular in the search box.
Select ‘an add-in’ option to learn more about it.
Click on the ‘Add’ or ‘Buy’ option.
If you are asked to sign-in, enter your email address and password to sign-in to Office applications.
Analysis the privacy information and click on the ‘Continue’ option (for free add-ins) or you need to confirm the billing information and confirm the purchase.
Note- After purchasing Office productivity suite, you need to check your registered email ID to get office setup product key, which you will need later to activate.