Find New Ways to Control Your Obesity?

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Find New Ways to Control Your Obesity?

Use blue plates
Believe it or not, the color of your dishes might make a difference in how much food you serve yourself. The more the food blends in with the plate color, the more chow you’re likely to take, research shows. So consider using plates in a different hue.

Hit the pause button before giving in to a craving
Eating because you’re bored, tired, or tense can make you feel out of control. Try to delay the urge to graze: When a craving hits, do something else for 5 to 10 minutes, then see if you still want to eat. Chances are, the urge will have faded, at least a little.

Keep unhealthy snacks out of sight
Stash junk foods like candy and chips where you can’t see them. You might eat less. When office workers kept chocolates on their desks, they ate 48% more than when the candies were 6 feet away. If they put chocolates in their desk drawers, they ate 25% less than if the sweet stuff was on their desks.

Always order the “small.”
A large container can tempt you to eat more food, even if you’re full or it doesn't taste good. In one study, moviegoers were given free popcorn in either medium or large tubs -- some was fresh and yummy, and some was stale. People given the fresh stuff in large containers ate 45% more than those who got it in medium tubs did. Even those who got stale popcorn in large containers ate 33% more than those with medium tubs of it.

Eat slowly, and drink water
Take smaller bites. Chew your food slowly. Take a little more time between forkfuls. And drink water while you're eating. These simple steps are key if you want to cut back on calories and still feel full, research shows.

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