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The new mode will be available at no cost on all platforms starting tomorrow, even though it's not clear just how long it will last. But fortnite traps will fit well with the newly established fourth summer of Fortnite, which introduced a new superhero motif with a huge meteor strike that radically changed the game.

Fortnite is chock full of puzzle right now. The sky has broken and weirdness is on the loose. Inside this week's'Shop Contest, we are going to have even stranger.

Matters are blinking out of existence in Fortnite, and a number of them are even emerging in our planet, so there's literally nothing that could occur that will surprise me in the game. Your job this week is to push my premise to the limitation. I want very bizarre stuff to be put into Fortnite.

New characters? A bizarre building? The castle out of Castlevania just, you know, appearing? You could shop a battle between your favorite webhead and a number of the superheroes from Fortnite's last year. This is really an open competition, and I would like you to become as imaginative as possible with it. If you're truly industrious, possibly put some Fortnite objects to our News about fortnite.

Here's a hint: you can go to the settings in Fortnite and conceal the UI. As always, fantastic luck! I'm excited about seeing spaceships and real life garbage trucks filled with garbage from Tilted Towers.