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These indexes are called KPIs or Key Performance Indicators Wholesale Jets Shirts , and serve to evaluate the performance of any strategy according to the stipulated goals. These digital marketing metrics are important to make better decisions, allocate investments in areas that bring more return, understand the behavior of personas or any other effect that optimizes the company's efforts on the web.

The key metrics of digital marketing

ROI - Return on Investment
One of the most important metrics because it justifies all the investments made in a project. It's a simple formula: ROI% = Revenue - Cost of investment investment cost x 100. In the cost we must include not only what was spent on media, but also the working hours of employees and everything that has been charged to budget for the campaign.

It can evaluate ROI by sectors responsible for the project Wholesale Jets Jerseys , such as marketing ROI or sales team, for example. Likewise, one can measure the return coming from each channel used for the campaign.

CAC - Customer Acquisition Cost
Its relevance is the assessment of the investment made to bring each customer for your business. The analysis will depend on the business segment and the average purchase ticket. The formula is basic: CAC = Revenue Number of customers acquired in the same campaign.

There are also other indices such as the CPL (cost per lead) and Cost per Guest. The calculation is done the same way the CAC, adapted for each different stage of the sales funnel: Attraction (Cost Per Visitor) and conversion (CPL).

Lifetime Value
This metric is related to both the financial side and for the relationship. This indicator estimates the amount spent by the same customer over time. It is important to know how much each customer pays for the company. It's not a simple analysis Cheap Jets Hats , it is necessary to measure the purchase frequency, which usually buy, average ticket, purchase satisfaction and only then stipulate the Lifetime Value.

Retention rate
It is directly related to the previous index. This indicator analyzes how your customers are satisfied with your company and your product or service. It is important to assess whether your brand is getting along with your audience Cheap Jets Hoodies , seeking solutions to boost repurchase rates. Is periodically sending satisfaction surveys or opinion, piece of advice to its customers, allow an exposed field evaluation on your website or on social networking profiles for people express their views.

Metrics of engagement
The indices of interaction between brand and followers are relevant when the goal is to increase brand awareness of the company, ie Cheap Jets Shirts , making your business more recognized by consumers and increase traffic to the website blog. Be present in social networks is part of people's lives.

Assess the engagement of followers by the number of shares, comments and messages sent. Tanned or likes to many experts, they are not considered KPIs, it is not possible to have a clear assessment whether the actions are having an effect.

It is linked to the level of interest of visitors in content or offer. Traffic is the number of times that particular page was visited at a time - can be separated by unique visitors Cheap Jets Jerseys , when desconsideras the second visits from the same user. Analyze the origin of site access, they can come via mobile, social, organic networks Trenton Cannon Hat , campaigns paid directly by URL etc.

Dwell Time and Bounce Rate
They are analyzes that should be made with caution. The Dwell Time must be analyzed in various ways to landing pages and blog articles. The evaluation Bounce Rate, which is the dropout rate of a site without the user visit other pages so should be made. For example, it is quite normal to have a high bounce rate on a landing page, since the only purpose is to stimulate a conversion.

There are many other indicators that can and should be analyzed. However Chris Herndon Hat , be aware that these KPIs should be relevant to your business as a whole. Each of the digital marketing metrics has a role to play, but the main one is to drive a certain direction for the efforts of your company on the internet.

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