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Pride. Envy. Gluttony. Lust. Anger. Greed. Sloth. You either recognize these as the seven deadly sins or as themes for prime-time television. Nonetheless Andre Schurrle Jersey , you were probably taught as a child that these are bad and you shouldnt do them. For purposes of this article, do as you were taught and think bad when you commit these similar sins in the workplace.

As leaders, we are continually being introduced to new techniques and theories. Hammer & Champys Business Process Re-engineering Model, McKinseys 7-S Framework, and Kenichi Ohmaes 3Cs Strategic Triangle are all examples of strategic models designed to help leaders think about their business in different and innovative ways. What sits on top of all of the models and frameworks, though, are a series of foundational attributes that every leader should possess if he or she is going to have demonstrated, sustained success as a leader.

In my career as a leader, Ive been fortunate enough to experience a broad array of leadership situations where sometimes I enjoyed fantastic success Alexander Isak Jersey , and at other times experienced dismal failure. In looking back at my failures, many of them had nothing to do with a theory, framework, or technology that was utilized. The failures had to do with cracks in my own foundational attributes which left me vulnerable as a leader. Ive boiled these down to seven key sins which this article will focus on to help you become a more effective leader.

Sin #1 - Arrogance
Ever known a manager that consistently claimed to know more than the rest of the team? How about one that was unwilling to listen to opposing views? Isnt this just a sign of confidence? Whats wrong with that?

Confidence as a manager is crucial as people will look to you, particularly when things get tough. When it runs amok and turns to arrogance, the manager disrespects the team. Show respect and have confidence and youll do fine. Subtract out respect and youre just an arrogant doofus.

Sin #2 Indecisiveness
So you have a meeting on Monday and the management agrees on a course of action. On Tuesday, the manager decides to take a completely different course of action. Thursday the manager goes back to Mondays course of action. The following Monday youre back re-hashing through the same problem from last Monday. Blech.

Decisiveness means the manager listens to those around him or her and then makes the best decision for the project that the rest of the team can understand, and sticks to it. While team members may not agree with the decision, they should be able to see the rationale. Decisions without rationale or without listening will ultimately frustrate the team and put a target on your back.

Sin #3 Disorganization
Weve all known the manager that asks for the same information multiple times Borussia Dortmund Short Shirt , keeps the plan in their head versus writing things down, or is so frantic that theyre on the verge of spontaneously combusting. Their disorganization creates unneeded stress and frustration for the project team.