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Best Gift:Up to 9% off old rs gold for OSRS PvM Skilling Mar.1-Mar.5

Cambridge: It's not every day you'll find a job listing to work at a osrs gold major video games studio, but here is a unique opportunity to join 250 employees and a bunch of industry experts at one of the titans of the industry.This successful company are currently on the lookout for a sound/audio QA with extensive technical experience.Using their knowledge of sound design and production, the successful candidate will test, design and provide feedback for all games during the extensive creation period..
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It time to train Ranged, so you have diferent options: minotaurs in 1st level in Security Stronghold, they usually drop iron arrows and sometimes bronze you won lose any arrows if you train at accurate; men in Edgeville, they sometimes drop bronze arrows, and they drop ocasionally earth tally, that can reach 5k each; guards in falador, varrock, etc., it not very recomended but can do because of good hitpoints. Train on your NPC until 62 ranged. My recomendation is men if is isn crowded..

Hi guys. I have a ZyXel P 660R D1 DSL modem, and lately I've been experiencing random outages. I'm not super knowledgeable when it comes to the technical side of networking, but I know enough to look around the modems GUI and recognize when something isn't right.
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